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           Scholarships are of great importance to all of the students who are not able to pay their fees because of the financial burden of their families. Moreover, the families in India are very poor to even eat properly so, the government always comes up with different scholarship schemes to help all of the students who want to study and gain higher education.

            Our college is eligible for the scholarships given by the Govt of A.P

            The eligible students who joined under convener quota after writing EDCET      are mostly eligible if they have a regular study.

Eligible Criteria:

If you want to enroll yourself under the Jagananna Vidya or Vasati deevena Schemes then you can follow the following eligibility criteria given below:-

  • Government job employees are not eligible for the scheme.

  • If anyone in the family is availing of pension then he or she is not eligible for the scheme.

  • Sanctuary workers has exempted from the scheme.

  • The students must enroll in the following institution-

    • Government or Government Aided

    • Private Colleges affiliated to State Universities/ Boards.

  • The family’s annual income should be less than Rs 2.5 Lakh per annum.

  • Beneficiaries should only have the wetland below 10 acres/ agricultural land below 25 acres/ or wetland and agricultural land under 25 acres.

  • The beneficiaries should not own any four-wheelers (Car, Taxi, Auto, etc).

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